happy 2010 to all our gerbilize friends!

the gerbilize gals sincerely apologize for falling off the face of the blog for a little while there, but we are BACK! and with a brand new submission to boot!

so….waaaaaaay back in november (i know, i know, i’m so *sorry* we were such slackers), we got a *lovely* little email from diane, of Diane’s Knitted World:

Hi. I am the one that has that knitted gerbil pattern. I have been making other gerbil jewelry lately using laser etching. Attached is a photo on what I am creating for the blog. They are pendants for my knitted necklaces. I also attached a picture of my knitted gerbils. Complete with eyes and whiskers.

Dianes Knitted World



diane - u.s.a.

diane is the creator of the gerbil pattern that was our FIRST featured project by gerbilize gal #1 (remember this?), and we are *SO* giddy that she sent us such a cool example of her new gerbil related work.

diane - u.s.a.

diane has been making these ULTRA cool gerbil necklaces using laser etching. and it’s pretty much safe to say that the gerbilize gals love ANYTHING involving lasers!!!! it’s amazing how these gerbils look sooooo soft and pretty…..

upon further examination of her online shop, she’s been creating a whole BUNCH of gleeful gerbil goodies! our favourite has GOT to be the Cute Gerbil Organic Men’s T-Shirt – seriously.  i can almost guarantee that gerbilize gal #2 is gonna buy this for every man in her life.

thank you, diane, for sharing your gerbil goods with us. the gerbilize gals salute your love of all things gerbilicious!


so…..to get the ball rolling we are submitting the very first gerbilize creation – a knit critter created using a pattern found over on Diane’s Knitted World. here’s the link to the actual pattern if you want to make one for yourself: knitted gerbil pattern