tracey - glasgow, scotland

tracey - glasgow, scotland

this darling little doodle comes to us all the way from a reader in the uk!!!  the lovely lady behind this pastel pencil drawing is tracey, and she writes a wonderful (and colourful!) craft blog with lots of pictures and links and information about all sorts of art projects and techniques, so i really think that you should go check it out at:

tracey’s email to us read as such:

Hello Gerbilize,

I thought you might appreciate my guinea pig pastel doodle.

Good luck with your rodenty-quest 😉


our response is a unanimous “YES! we *DO* appreciate your guinea pig pastel doodle, tracey!”

i mean really… could we not?

every time i look at it i’m struck by the pretty pink nose and big round bottom, which makes me think that this is one of those slow crawling, hip swaying, surveying the room before she settles on a location kinda guinea pig gals. i’ll bet that every guy in the place is just hypnotized and mesmerized by the way her hair catches the light and shines with such intensity that they are immediately blinded with desire. all those other guinea pig ladies should look out, cuz this one’s coming to snag away their man without even trying…….



this drawing reminds me soooo much of an earlier submission by trish, which looked like a cat with no arms. do you remember that? well we loved that drawing, and we LOVE this one too!

cath - bermuda

cath - bermuda

so this is *obviously* a lady gerbil, as evidenced by her ~~extra~~ long, perfectly primped whiskers and her long lush lady gerbil lashes. here’s a close-up so that you can fully appreciate just how fancy she is:

cat - bermuda

cath - bermuda

also, please note that her tail is eagerly perked up, and her paws are placed *just so*, as if she is WAITING to throw those paws forward and tell you a really juicy piece of gerbil gossip that she just overheard at the woodchip salon….seriously, you should ask her ALL about it….

great job cath! by the way….you gonna give us the gerbilicious scoop on the gossip, or what?

sandeep - mississauga, ontario

sand - toronto, ontario

oh my stars!!!

this submission is stunning and makes me cock my head to the side in thought each time i try to suss out what the heck is going on here……

is it an embryo?

is it a rorschach inkblot test?

is it an x-ray?

you tell me what you think this one’s all about!

sand is a very good forced friend of mine who is an ultra talented graphic designer.

and since sand mentioned this blog on his site, it’s only right that i tell all you gerbilizers to go and check out his website for other shining examples of sand’s skills:


oh my double pirate derrick, what an awesome submission! man i’m crying a little right now…tears…of…joy

so for your viewing pleasure ladies and gentleman is our first cartoon action submission. and when I say action I mean…well I think we all get the point. BRILLIANT!

d-mak - toronto, ontario

d-mak - toronto, ontario


here is our first super realistic submission. my dear friend d-mak could draw a pig rolling around in crap and still make it look amazing…please no offense to the other gerbilicious submissions which are all super in their own way. this little guy has totally been busted doing something…hmm shall we say illegal, inappropriate…off-colour perhaps? or maybe he’s just hanging out minding his own business thinking about his place in this crazy upside down world we live in.

this is the other gerbilize gal here, and i just wanna say that this certainly is a fantastic submission! i LOVE the evolution of submissions so far! we’ve gone from pseudo cats with no arms to this in only a few weeks – how marvy is that??? keep those submissions coming people….we’re still waiting for our first out of province gerbil…..

this first one is hilarious on so many levels, but mainly cuz it looks less like a gerbil, and more like a cat with really prominent nipples AND no arms – hahaha!

trish - brampton, ontario

and this second one is great because it reminds us of “master splinter” from teenage mutant ninja turtles!

trish - brampton, ontario

doesn’t it kind of look like the gerbil is doing the evil little “excellent” gesture that mr. burns does on the simpsons?