gerbilize is the product of two friends who share a love of creativity, collaborative projects, spontaneous displays of even the most amateur art skills, and gerbils. obviously gerbils. yeah, you know those pocket-sized versions of rats that are somehow small enough to be deemed “cute and acceptable as pets” as opposed to “dirty, disease ridden vermin”? well, we *adore* the little critters and want to see them through YOUR crafty eyes!

so one night we decided to start a little project that would involve getting random strangers to send us various interpretations of gerbils. and then we’d post them on a blog. we wanted to see if people would actually send us stuff, and we *definitely* wanted to see what kinds of creative things they would send! and now we have decided to include submissions that are representative of ALL forms of rodentia, since people seem to keep finding all of these non-gerbil, yet totally rad (!!!) rodent things to send us. so bring on your pop art posters of porcupines, ballads about beavers, and crosswords about chinchillas! we want them all scurrying around on this blog!  

your submission can be in the form of: drawing, collage, painting, sculpture, fibre art, digital imagery, food, photography, music, jewellery, glass, stenciling, needlework, papercraft, a do-it-yourself connect the dots game,  *anything* really…….just as long as it’s somehow representative of rodents.

ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE POSTED ON THE BLOG. if you’re embarrassed to be associated with what you’ve created, but still think people will get a giggle out of it, feel free to send it along with a note saying you don’t want your name posted.

we have two options for submitting your work:

1. digital submissions (including digital photos of things you’ve made) can be sent via email to

2. if you make something physical that you want us to photograph, please contact us via email for the snail mail address

we’re glad that you found your way to gerbilize, and we look forward to seeing what you clever critters will create!

-the gerbilize gals


2 Responses to “so….what the heck is *gerbilize* all about, anyway?”

  1. S. Le Says:

    Fantastic blog! Love the header!

  2. gerbilize Says:

    thank you so much! gerbilize gal #2 is the creative force responsible for our fantastic header. she appreciates you taking note of her work 🙂

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