a new submission – YES!!!! it’s been *SO* long since anyone emailed us with some gerbilizing love….and boy oh boy did we get love from miss jesslyn delia! i’ve been following her blog for a while now, and this hidden gem from ottawa has been hinting that she was gonna send us something for a little while, but apparently she “just had to wait for the right squirrel to come along“. well i’m glad that squirrel finally did come along because the image that this poem creates in my mind is genius! i totally imagine this swell of background music that includes finger snaps and a long slow blow from the horn…very “the outsiders AND david lynch meets tom and jerry on a very bad day”.


square-off over a glass

bottle, now a piece of trash

or home for spiders,

one orange tabby and you,

you versus everything,

wet-like webbed hands and

an eye twitch, you

with your cheeks puffed

like a baseball glove,

stand-off like those school

yard fist fights right

before they start

seriously, i love this poem. don’t you? now after reading it you should all scurry over to jesslyn delia’s blog to read some more of her written work. she has poetry, fiction and monologues to boot! seriously, please go support this budding young talent because the gerbilize gals are all about bringing new eyes to new talents that don’t always get the recognition that they deserve 🙂


ok, has everyone seen this yet? http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/squirrel-portrait-banff-pod.html

seriously, this is too hilarious for words. animals are *way* more clever than we give them credit for, in my opinion. and now there’s this ultra nifty thing called “the squirrelizer“, which allows you to insert that photo-hogging little rodent into your own photos!

we, the gerbilize gals, are challenging our readers to go to this site (http://www.lutralutra.co.uk/squirrelizer/) and “squirrelize” your own photos. then send it in to us, along with whatever little story you want to add (fiction or fact) and we will post it here on the blog as always.

i’ll get everyone started by showing you my own squirrelized pic

gerbilize gal #1, toronto

gerbilize gal #1, toronto

here we see that same sneaky squirrel is causing a stir yet again by flooding toronto’s union station!  is he gonna start to take responsibility for his actions, or just keep going with that “who? what? me?” look of feigned confusion on his face???? seriously, that little scamp created *QUITE* a frustrating commute for me and many other riders in the early hours of a sunday morning….

corey - milton, ontario

corey - milton, ontario

i got this email today from my friend, corey:


Here’s a pic for your weird site…. which I found hilarious and disturbing at the same time….. let’s just call it hilurbing.

{{{ok, i have to interupt and proclaim that i *ADORE* this new “hilurbing” term!}}}

Technically it’s not a gerbil.  Just the German version of a squirrel that was in [named removed] parents’ backyard.  Looks like a troll doll.


danke schön, corey. and yes, it does indeed look a bit like a toy made of faux fur. that tail and those ears make me think that european squirrels are extra hairy, and perhaps extra extraordinary because of it…..seriously, don’t those ears look fake? or like a squirrel version of a lion’s mane? and that tail seems like it was just tacked on as an afterthought……hmmmm…..