guinea pig

tracey - glasgow, scotland

tracey - glasgow, scotland

this darling little doodle comes to us all the way from a reader in the uk!!!  the lovely lady behind this pastel pencil drawing is tracey, and she writes a wonderful (and colourful!) craft blog with lots of pictures and links and information about all sorts of art projects and techniques, so i really think that you should go check it out at:

tracey’s email to us read as such:

Hello Gerbilize,

I thought you might appreciate my guinea pig pastel doodle.

Good luck with your rodenty-quest 😉


our response is a unanimous “YES! we *DO* appreciate your guinea pig pastel doodle, tracey!”

i mean really… could we not?

every time i look at it i’m struck by the pretty pink nose and big round bottom, which makes me think that this is one of those slow crawling, hip swaying, surveying the room before she settles on a location kinda guinea pig gals. i’ll bet that every guy in the place is just hypnotized and mesmerized by the way her hair catches the light and shines with such intensity that they are immediately blinded with desire. all those other guinea pig ladies should look out, cuz this one’s coming to snag away their man without even trying…….


so our good friend, cath (in bermuda) informed us of this new movie coming out about a gang of guinea pigs acting as government spies – wowzah! naturally we had to hunt down some info on this, and here’s what we found:

it’s a disney movie

it’s in 3D

the official website has games that you can play online

on the main page if you click on each character you get a little profile and i think that my favourite so far is agent mooch, the literal fly on the wall.

hopefully this will inspire some of our gerbilicious readers to send us some guinea pig inspired work, as we don’t yet have any submissions featuring that particular rodent.