happy 2010 to all our gerbilize friends!

the gerbilize gals sincerely apologize for falling off the face of the blog for a little while there, but we are BACK! and with a brand new submission to boot!

so….waaaaaaay back in november (i know, i know, i’m so *sorry* we were such slackers), we got a *lovely* little email from diane, of Diane’s Knitted World:

Hi. I am the one that has that knitted gerbil pattern. I have been making other gerbil jewelry lately using laser etching. Attached is a photo on what I am creating for the blog. They are pendants for my knitted necklaces. I also attached a picture of my knitted gerbils. Complete with eyes and whiskers.

Dianes Knitted World

diane - u.s.a.

diane is the creator of the gerbil pattern that was our FIRST featured project by gerbilize gal #1 (remember this?), and we are *SO* giddy that she sent us such a cool example of her new gerbil related work.

diane - u.s.a.

diane has been making these ULTRA cool gerbil necklaces using laser etching. and it’s pretty much safe to say that the gerbilize gals love ANYTHING involving lasers!!!! it’s amazing how these gerbils look sooooo soft and pretty…..

upon further examination of her online shop, she’s been creating a whole BUNCH of gleeful gerbil goodies! our favourite has GOT to be the Cute Gerbil Organic Men’s T-Shirt – seriously.  i can almost guarantee that gerbilize gal #2 is gonna buy this for every man in her life.

thank you, diane, for sharing your gerbil goods with us. the gerbilize gals salute your love of all things gerbilicious!


so the other day we got an email from a friend that read as follows:

“not my own personal art but i thought you ladies may enjoy this! from my favourite new blog.”

– amy, toronto

thanks amy! we especially enjoyed trying to figure out whether or not that really *IS* a real gerbil! maybe it’s stuffed? maybe it’s a little figurine? maybe it’s the most fabulous marzipan manipulation ever????

either way, it’s creepy yet captivating…..

we also LOVE this comment that was made in the post: “That cake would also work for a pet snake’s birthday!” soooo true! did anyone see breakfast television this morning when jen fed a rat to a snake at reptilia? it was pretty intense…..

please keep sending in those fabulous gerbil (and rodent) related posts!


this drawing reminds me soooo much of an earlier submission by trish, which looked like a cat with no arms. do you remember that? well we loved that drawing, and we LOVE this one too!

cath - bermuda

cath - bermuda

so this is *obviously* a lady gerbil, as evidenced by her ~~extra~~ long, perfectly primped whiskers and her long lush lady gerbil lashes. here’s a close-up so that you can fully appreciate just how fancy she is:

cat - bermuda

cath - bermuda

also, please note that her tail is eagerly perked up, and her paws are placed *just so*, as if she is WAITING to throw those paws forward and tell you a really juicy piece of gerbil gossip that she just overheard at the woodchip salon….seriously, you should ask her ALL about it….

great job cath! by the way….you gonna give us the gerbilicious scoop on the gossip, or what?

so, we’ve made it into double digits in terms of submissions, and what an appropriate one this is since there are TWO parts! the lovely wendy decided to send a poem *and* a picture of her creating the poem, which equals double the gerbilizing fun! AND it’s our first international contribution! fantastic!

wendy - japan

wendy - japan

My gerbily hands clutch thee device before me..Spellin’ out the wordz..  while hidin’ me own turdz.
I wonder who I will find.. where this wheel will take me.
Change my cage, my shavings.  Buy me a new wheel!
I am still me.
Around n’ Around n’Around I go…
where n’ when I stop who tha #%$@ knowz!

Those gerbily hands.. these hands..

sandeep - mississauga, ontario

sand - toronto, ontario

oh my stars!!!

this submission is stunning and makes me cock my head to the side in thought each time i try to suss out what the heck is going on here……

is it an embryo?

is it a rorschach inkblot test?

is it an x-ray?

you tell me what you think this one’s all about!

sand is a very good forced friend of mine who is an ultra talented graphic designer.

and since sand mentioned this blog on his site, it’s only right that i tell all you gerbilizers to go and check out his website for other shining examples of sand’s skills:


oh my double pirate derrick, what an awesome submission! man i’m crying a little right now…tears…of…joy

so for your viewing pleasure ladies and gentleman is our first cartoon action submission. and when I say action I mean…well I think we all get the point. BRILLIANT!

emily - toronto, ontario

emily - toronto, ontario



words can’t even describe how awesomely wide my gerbilizing grin is when i look at this.

a big friendly gerbil hero wrapping a protective paw around  those two frightened children while preparing to whisk them away in the gerbilmobile in search of fun and adventure????


kudos to you emily, kudos.

i especially love the combination of digital drawing and digital editing of what was clearly a 35mm photo at some point in time……

and the fact that it’s all taking place on the edge of a cliff????

game over. i’m in gerbilizing heaven……{{le sigh}}

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