digital drawing

emily - toronto, ontario

emily - toronto, ontario



words can’t even describe how awesomely wide my gerbilizing grin is when i look at this.

a big friendly gerbil hero wrapping a protective paw around  those two frightened children while preparing to whisk them away in the gerbilmobile in search of fun and adventure????


kudos to you emily, kudos.

i especially love the combination of digital drawing and digital editing of what was clearly a 35mm photo at some point in time……

and the fact that it’s all taking place on the edge of a cliff????

game over. i’m in gerbilizing heaven……{{le sigh}}

ty - toronto, ontario

ty - toronto, ontario

so even though his first gerbil was *awesome*, mr. ty decided to add another gerbil to the mix. and this one is all aglow with neon goodness. ooooh……pretty!

and i’m pretty sure this one’s a lady…..check out those colourful squiggles! i can almost *feel* the intensity of activity flowing through that little gerbil body. and her upright position suggests that this technicolour gerbil is out for a night on the town, hitting up every grimy gerbil club she can find and shakin’ what her gerbil mama gave her under the strobing black lights.

{{insert thumping bass beats here}}

thanks for the gerbilicious second submission ty!

paul - toronto, on

paul - toronto, ontario

how *adorable* is this little thing?

we especially love the pinkish nose, abundance of whiskers and eagerly perched paws – looks like some little gerbil is ready to pounce and smother you with cute right now!

g*rock - toronto, ontario

g*rock - toronto, ontario

so yes here it is fellow gerbil lovin folks our first colour submission…and a mighty fine one indeed. now g*rock may claim that he is simply an ‘amateur’ artiste but one would have a hard time believing that by taking a closer look at the fine detail of his drawing. notice the mischievous look captured in the gerbil’s eye, how the fur seems to be flowing in the wind…we are waiting…waiting patiently for the gerbil to pounce down that cardboard tube to unlock mystery and discover adventure in Richard Gere I mean far away lands…yah so what I couldn’t resist

ty - toronto, ontario

ty - toronto, ontario

so this is our first digital submission, and it was done using microsoft paint methinks.

nice cross hatching skills, ty from toronto! yeah!

however this gerbil *does* send some conflicting messages….the downtrodden whiskers make us think he’s sad, however the perky upturned tail indicates glee…..hmmmmm……and lookit that shifty eye….maybe the whiskers are turned down cuz this gerbil’s in stealth mode, tracking down his next victim? or maybe he’s just giving gerbil cut-eye to some other rodent and the pointy tail is gerbil gesture for “oh no you DIDN’T!!!”? what do you think?