so, you may have noticed that we have been posting some non-gerbil specific submissions lately, and this may seem confusing to you since the entire premise of this blog was initially intended to be gerbil focused.

however, we, the gerbilize gals, have recently decided to include submissions that are representative of ALL forms of rodentia, since people seem to keep finding all of these non-gerbil, yet totally rad (!!!), rodent things to send us. so bring on your pop art posters of porcupines, ballads about beavers, and crosswords about chinchillas! we want them all scurrying around on this blog!

you will notice that we have started to add new categories based on the rodent featured in each submission…..will YOU be the first one to warrant a new category? we can’t wait to see who gets the first “prairie dog” label! and please remember to tell all your friends about gerbilize, and encourage them to send us stuff. the more people that know about us, the more we’ll (hopefully) have to post and make comments about. and don’t forget to leave your own comments about each submission…..cuz everyone likes a little attention for their efforts every now and again, non? 🙂