this drawing reminds me soooo much of an earlier submission by trish, which looked like a cat with no arms. do you remember that? well we loved that drawing, and we LOVE this one too!

cath - bermuda

cath - bermuda

so this is *obviously* a lady gerbil, as evidenced by her ~~extra~~ long, perfectly primped whiskers and her long lush lady gerbil lashes. here’s a close-up so that you can fully appreciate just how fancy she is:

cat - bermuda

cath - bermuda

also, please note that her tail is eagerly perked up, and her paws are placed *just so*, as if she is WAITING to throw those paws forward and tell you a really juicy piece of gerbil gossip that she just overheard at the woodchip salon….seriously, you should ask her ALL about it….

great job cath! by the way….you gonna give us the gerbilicious scoop on the gossip, or what?