corey - milton, ontario

corey - milton, ontario

i got this email today from my friend, corey:


Here’s a pic for your weird site…. which I found hilarious and disturbing at the same time….. let’s just call it hilurbing.

{{{ok, i have to interupt and proclaim that i *ADORE* this new “hilurbing” term!}}}

Technically it’s not a gerbil.  Just the German version of a squirrel that was in [named removed] parents’ backyard.  Looks like a troll doll.


danke schön, corey. and yes, it does indeed look a bit like a toy made of faux fur. that tail and those ears make me think that european squirrels are extra hairy, and perhaps extra extraordinary because of it…..seriously, don’t those ears look fake? or like a squirrel version of a lion’s mane? and that tail seems like it was just tacked on as an afterthought……hmmmm…..