October 2008


oh my double pirate derrick, what an awesome submission! man i’m crying a little right now…tears…of…joy

so for your viewing pleasure ladies and gentleman is our first cartoon action submission. and when I say action I mean…well I think we all get the point. BRILLIANT!

emily - toronto, ontario

emily - toronto, ontario



words can’t even describe how awesomely wide my gerbilizing grin is when i look at this.

a big friendly gerbil hero wrapping a protective paw around  those two frightened children while preparing to whisk them away in the gerbilmobile in search of fun and adventure????


kudos to you emily, kudos.

i especially love the combination of digital drawing and digital editing of what was clearly a 35mm photo at some point in time……

and the fact that it’s all taking place on the edge of a cliff????

game over. i’m in gerbilizing heaven……{{le sigh}}

ty - toronto, ontario

ty - toronto, ontario

so even though his first gerbil was *awesome*, mr. ty decided to add another gerbil to the mix. and this one is all aglow with neon goodness. ooooh……pretty!

and i’m pretty sure this one’s a lady…..check out those colourful squiggles! i can almost *feel* the intensity of activity flowing through that little gerbil body. and her upright position suggests that this technicolour gerbil is out for a night on the town, hitting up every grimy gerbil club she can find and shakin’ what her gerbil mama gave her under the strobing black lights.

{{insert thumping bass beats here}}

thanks for the gerbilicious second submission ty!